Allison Maree

The Femme Core Mentor





“No one should have to face darkness alone.

We are here to empower you to shine your light bright and ensure the darkness NEVER wins”

Allison Maree-Founder of the Inner Sactuary Community

 Allison Maree – The Femme Core Mentor and the Inner Sanctuary community was founded by Allison Ockenden with a passionate vision to empower  individuals with strong alignments towards femininity.
Through online training, coaching and mentoring,  Allison Maree is a hub of motivational, inspiring and actionable methods that enable women to draw power  from their traits, not deny them.
With a lifetime of expertise in womanhood and femininity, Allison Maree is the guide to not only living a better life but flourishing through the hardships.

Being The Femme Core Mentor is Allison Maree’s way of not only helping women, but also those in the LGBTQIA+ community who may be struggling to find the right  mentor for them no matter where they are in their life’s journey. This is a safe space for everyone to be who they are without the fear of judgement or of not feeling heard and understood.

Let’s get personal

Allison is a mother to 4 children ranging in ages from toddler to teen and adult. She is also a grandmother to, in her words, the cutest grandchildren in the whole world.

She has worn many hats over her lifetime from working in the Australian Defence forces, working as a manager at a huge fast food chain to administration roles  but when asked what her greatest achievement in the world has been her answer is a unwavering “My kids”. When asked the biggest challenge she’d ever faced she says “My kids” but with a smile.

Allison doesn’t shy away from sharing the experiences she’s been through in her life such as being a teen mum, getting married at the age of 17, the highs and lows of being a military wife and what it was like watching her husband get on a plane for service with young children not knowing if he’d come home. She is also quite open about being ‘catfished’ by a man whom she ended up fell in love with and planned to marry before his tragic passing. How losing him inspired her to start a business in his memory ensuring the ability to hold onto loved ones after their passing. She also openly talks about the general struggles of parenting and her experiences with one of her children being groomed by an older man, introduced to drugs, living daily not knowing if today would be the day she’d e called upon to identify his body, the struggles of holding his hand through rehab at home more than once but also the immense joy she has now of her child who is well into year 2 of sobriety.

Having such a vast chest of experiences has taught Allison invaluable skills and lessons. Allison has turned these lessons and experiences, combined with her passion to make a positive change in the world into a range of specialized courses to help women who need a hand to hold while they rebuild themselves, their lives and their worlds.

My Approach

In my experience life is the best teacher, it teaches lessons without us even knowing and when we didn’t know we needed it. I use my own life’s experiences combined with my training to guide you through the areas of life and work and all of the different scenarios and moments that can derail us.

Using Soul Modes as the framework to my approach allows me to understand where you are emotionally and knowing your which mode you’re in help me to adjust my approach to ensure we are working together to get you to the next level you.

Allison Maree with a mug
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