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The Inner Sanctuary

The Inner Sanctuary is our Mastermind platform. It is a monthly subscription with accountability, support and a safe space for our members to connect.

Fortnightly group discussion call on a relevant topic of the month

A personal 1:1 call each month directly with  me

VIP invite to members only private Facebook group with regular live training, sharing and knowledge updates

Ability to ask questions in the VIP Facebook group and get support and help when you need it

Accountability and support from our Inner Circle community

Access to downloadable workbooks to support you during each topic

New topics monthly

Priority access to all content, both past and upcoming

Are you feeling any of these?

Have feeling of self doubt, questioning how you go to this point in your life?

Feeling like you could take on the world one day and the next wanting to hide under a rock.

Find yourself feeling a little crazy because you change your mind on something 15 times?

Do you have moments where you want to soak your kids up and others where their cute little voices saying “Mum” just make you wonder how to legally change your name and live in a log cabin alone?

Do you feel touched out?

Do you find yourself doubting everything you thought you were sure of?

Are you questioning whether you’re a good Mum, Wife, daughter, sister, friend?

How about days where you feel unstoppable, like you could take on the world.

Days where you find yourself singing, dancing, smiling and grateful for your life and everything and everyone in it.

Topics We’ll Cover


  • How to hack your modes
  • An understanding of the advantages and disadvantages to each mode
  • How to handle each aspect of life in each mode
  • Parenting in each mode
  • Self growth and discovery
  • The balancing of Soul Modes
  • An understanding of your emotions
  • Why parenting is so hard some days more than others
  • A deeper understanding of yourself
  • Self love and self acceptance
  • Grief and Soul Modes
  • Trauma
  • How to keep moving forward in your life, personally and professionally
  • A whole new way of organizing your life and tasks so that you no longer dread chores
  • Self Confidence and Self worth
  • And so many more

“You are not 1 ordinary woman

you are 4 extraordinary ones.”

What You’ll Get

Welcome To Discovery

Access to a vip facebook group

free downloadable resources

Discovery community

Come with me on a journey of Discovery in this Soul Modes™ workshop to end confusion, frustration and disappointment. By using an easy to follow blueprint to gain clarity, confidence and taking control back into your life

What is Soul Modes™? Soul Modes is the framework that explains you are not one ordinary woman, you are 4 extraordinary ones.

Explore the 4 Soul Modes™ framework WILD, BEAR, SUPER & SPARKLE modes

You will gain an understanding and learn how to recognize each mode to benefit your everyday life, gain control, clarity and understanding of your personal needs to achieve satisfaction, peace and alignment, emotionally and physically from within a deeper soul level

With in Discovery you won’t be walking the journey alone.

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